METU Signal Processing Group

Signal processing group studies methods of processing information bearing signals for a particular aim. Signals can be one or multi-dimensional; deterministic or random. The goal can be restoration of a noise corrupted image, compression of a video sequence, generation of alternative viewpoint of a scene, optimal methods of decision under uncertainty (detection and estimation) and efficient usage of resources such as bandwidth, computation or time etc. Also: What is Signal Processing?, Signal Processing and Machine Learning, The Future of Signal Processing Symposium (playlist of youtube videos).

Signal processing tools are widely applied. Some applications are multimedia signal processing (speech, image and video processing), control theory, communications (statistical signal processing, detection/estimation theory), biomedical applications, radar-sonar problems and more.

Signal processing group at METU is specifically working on multimedia signal processing (all aspects), radar signal processing (including SAR imaging and STAP techniques), spectrum estimation techniques, direction of arrival estimation methods.

Signal Processing Courses on the Web:

Faculty Members

Emeritus Faculty Members

  • Severcan, Mete (Image processing, radar signal processing, communications)
  • Ünver, Zafer (Signal representation theory, statistical signal processing)

Research Labs

Related Labs

Description of Signal Processing Courses

Undergraduate Courses:
EE 230 : Introduction to probability. Required background for statistical signal processing.
EE 301 : Introduction to signal representation and transforms. Foundations
EE 306 : Random processes. Undergraduate level introduction, but fairly complete.
EE 430 : Digital Signal Processing.
EE 497 : Special Topics: Real-Time Applications of Digital Signal Processing
EE 499 : Special Topics: Vector Space Methods in Signal Processing

Graduate Courses:
EE 503 : Statistical Signal Processing and Modeling
EE 504 : Adaptive Filtering (Pre-requisite: 503)
EE 505 : Wavelets, Filterbanks, Time-Frequency Distributions (Advanced)
EE 531 : Probability and Stochastic Processes
EE 543 : Neurocomputers and Deep Learning
EE 583 : Pattern Recognition
EE 584 : Machine Vision
EE 603 : Spectrum Estimation (Advanced)
EE 604 : Sensor Array Signal Processing (Advanced)
EE 633 : Speech Processing
EE 634 : Image Processing
EE 636 : Video Processing
EE 732 : Probabilistic Graphical Models
EE 746 : Radar Signal Processing
EE 798 : Theory of Remote Image Formation
EE 5506 : Advanced Statistical Signal Processing (Pre-requisite: 503)

Related Courses

EE 501 : Linear System Theory I
EE 502 : Linear System Theory II
EE 533 : Information Theory
EE 553 : Optimization
EE 557 : Estimation Theory
EE 585 : Statistical Techniques in Mobile Robotics
EE 625 : Fundamentals of Radar Systems I
EE 626 : Fundamentals of Radar Systems II
EE 635 : Fourier Optics
EE 793 : Target Tracking
EE 5420 : Probabilistic Graphical Models


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